Show Notes & Archives

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  1. Three Friends Playing With a Full Deck
  2. You Know, That Client
  3. Ghost in the Machine
  4. I Ain’t Afraid of No Tarot
  5. In Guides We Trust
  6. The 1,000 Lb Gorilla in a Santa Suit
  7. Out of the Tarot Closet
  8. A Little Tarot Q&A
  9. Today’s Tarot (Tarot and Popular Culture)
  10. Test Tubes and Tarot Cards
  11. A Confluence of Tarot Influence
  12. 21st Century Tarot
  13. Tarot and Personal Boundaries
  14. Aspects of the New Age Movement
  15. Menage A Tarot at One Year
  16. Tarot Beyond Tarot
  17. You Asked, We Answered
  18. Pick A Card, Any Card
  19. What’s In a Spread
  20. Pop Culture Tarot
  21. Tarot Trends for 2016
  22. Card Conversation
  23. Decks, Decks, and More Decks
  24. Getting Ones Tarot Groove Back
  25. Q&A 3rd Round
  26. Sexy Tarot
  27. July 2016 Special Mini-episode
  28. The Lost Summer Episode
  29. Readers Reading Readers
  30. Reading From a Distance
  31. Elections and Oracle Cards
  32. The Cards Reveal the Hosts
  33. Intuition and Imagination
  34. The Magick of Tarot
  35. Deconstructing the Celtic Cross