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Thank You for Your Kindness

From Ronda on

I need you to help me help others. Puerto Rico, Mexico City, U.S. VI  and others around the world need our help after the hurricanes, earthquakes and just in general. Here is the deal….

If you show me proof of your donation to a known, national reputable charity (like Red Cross, the ACLU, Doctors Without Boarders, Team Rubicon, UNICEF, etc.) and I’ll give you a FREE video Tarot reading.

This is a new format for Modern Oracle. It is a recorded reading, giving you the FEEL and experience of a live, one to one reading, but with all of the privacy and no-appointment-needed convenience of e-mail. It’s new, and they are technically a little more complicated to do than e-mail or in-person readings either one, so please be patient. Delivery will take 1-3 business days usually.


  1. Send an email to
  2. Include your NAME and QUESTION (open or general is totally fine too)
  3. ATTACH a copy of your donation receipt that has any personal information blacked out for your privacy. Please never send sensitive identity information to strangers on the Internet!

You’ll get a reply with a link in it that you can click to download or view your reading.


And thank you for your kindness.


Offer extended! Now available until October 6, 2017!